Who in fire pandas will be the first crystal

no. person league
1 Kahliyapink15 Gold III
2 Destroyer 2.0 Silver I
3 ACHU_FTW Silver I
4 Noarmpit derple Silver II
5 Sergio thegreat Silver II
6 Lightning panda Silver II
7 Sid Silver III
8 Air Chacattus Silver III
9 Slayer 2.0 Silver III
10 Jordan.D. Silver III
11 Quinn Silver III
12 MageKnight214 Silver III
13 Crasherx66 Silver III
14 Sonicsayan159 Bronze I
15 Kahliyapink15 Unranked
16 Ilana Unranked
17 the dog of Unranked

5/25/15 Air Chacattus Silver I > Silver II

5/25/15 Air Chacattus Silver II >Silver III

6/3 Lord axeter joins the clan making the first crystal/master

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